About US

Gallery-boutique "Ponte Vecchio" was opened on October 1, 2015, the name of the store is related to the famous symbol of Florence, the historical bridge of the same name, on which valuable jewelry has been traded for centuries.
The gallery presents mainly Italian, in particular, Florentine jewelry school's precious products distinguished by their simplicity, sophistication and beauty, which differentiate them from other European jewelry schools, only high-quality gold and precious stones are used in the products.

The minimalist interior of the boutique is rare in the city. Combining coziness and austerity, the walls of the gallery, decided in dark colors, exhibit Italian and world premium class jewelry, which is presented in each copy, which also adds more charm.

The main goal for the experienced staff of the gallery is to offer their precious customers only high-quality gold and most importantly precious stones, which are encased in beautiful exquisite works!